Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nursery Rhyme ~ Little Bo Peep

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Each Thursday this month, we’ll be focusing on one area of activities to go along with a different nursery rhyme (See my Getting Ready for Nursery Rhymes post for set-up information). Using your favorite nursery rhyme book (see my suggestions above) we will learn a couple of these rhymes together.The ideas are short and simple, but FUN to start the learning with your tot! Be sure to check back each week in February for more Nursery Rhyme fun.

Our first rhyme is Little Bo Peep.


We read the rhyme in our Mother Goose book and then printed out a coloring page from Reading with Kids. We put this in our Nursery Rhyme notebook. Then we made a fingerprint sheep craft.

sheepcraftthumb  sheepcraftglue


1 index card
1 black ink pad (washable)
1 cotton ball
1 glue stick
1 black pen

Ink you child’s thumb and press onto the index card. Working on a hard surface such as a table works much better than a fabric ottoman. My tot wanted to work on the ottoman. :) Next glue the cotton ball next to the thumbprint. Draw legs and you have a simple sheep craft.


Bible Verse: “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me." John 10:14

Little Bo Peep wasn’t good at keeping track of her sheep. We have a shepherd though who always knows where we are. He promises never to loose us or leave us alone. Do you know who our shepherd is? Yes, Jesus! (Danielle’s Place has a great Bible script along this theme.)

Bible game extension: We used our sheep card for a game. My daughter would hide it in the room and then I would have to find it. Then I would hide it and she would find it. We talked about how the Good Shepherd always takes care of his sheep. After we played the game several times, my daughter glued this craft in her Nursery Rhyme notebook.

You can see other teaching ideas for Little Bo Peep, including a fun sensory tub and a sorting activity on my blog, Spell Outloud.


  1. I also have a companion Little Bo Peep post up on my blog today with a printable sheep sort activity. I didn't have it ready at the time this original post was due, so that is why it was not featured. You can find it here:

  2. just added the link to your post on the Tots blog. :)


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