Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Montessori at Home ~ The Learning Sweet Spot

Montessori at Home

The sweet spot.   It’s when things are perfect . . . for even just a moment.    John Bowman, author of Montessori at Home , describes the sweet spot as the balance between between boredom and frustration. 

Activities that are too easy will cause boredom, and will not hold your child’s attention.  Activities that are too difficult will cause frustration.  Both are extremes to be avoided. 


If you will recall, last month I touched on the idea of work.  Gabe has begun to enjoy “working” around the house.  After all, he is growing up (or so he reminds me every hour) as his 4th birthday draws near.   He is very curious about our new pet(s).  We have worms living in our kitchen.  Because he feeds our dog on a regular basis, he REALLY wants to feed the worms. 


Feeding the worms in not a daily occurrence.  But my little boy is having a hard time understanding this because he eats multiple times a day.  Trying to capitalize on his desire to help, his initiative to work at helping keep our worms alive, and my need to provide bedding for our slim creatures, I have found a “sweet spot” for Gabe.


Tearing up Starbucks drink carriers. 

You could call it a stretch by naming this a Montessori activity . . . but it captures the idea of the Learning Sweet Spot

Now, this may sound super easy.  It may sound mundane.  But Gabe LOVES it.  I like it because it makes Gabe happy, he chats with me while he “works,” and he is developing not only fine motor skills BUT perseverance. 


Have you found your child’s Learning Sweet Spot?  What activity have you provided recently that challenges your student’s mind without leading to frustration?

What are you waiting for?  Go and have a Montessori Moment at Home with your Little! To review what we have covered so far in our Montessori at Home journey, click here.

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Worm composting is a great educational experience for the entire family.  I did a three part post on how to start your own worm compost: 

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

cklueh said...

We've started a 365 Days Outdoors challenge. My 3yo comes up with activities to do outside on his own. I just say, "What are we going to do, today?" He's come up with mud painting, digging for worms and wind fighting. These activities have led to counting, storytelling, large motor and practical living lessons. Sweet!