Monday, June 25, 2012

Montessori at Home ~ Taking the Learning to a Restaurant

Montessori at Home

We couldn’t find a babysitter.  Actually I didn’t look for one.  Thus, our children – all four of them – joined us for our 12th anniversary this year. 

I did not want to make dinner on this special occasion but I knew that a certain Tot needed to be “learning” before our meal would arrive at our table.

Enter magnets.

I have three sets of these colorful magnets and have used them for multiple Tot activities.  Montessori materials “isolate specific skills and present themselves as attractive, self-contained materials,” according to John Bowman, author of Montessori at Home!

In this case, our workspace was the white tablecloth.

Montessori at Home magnets

I made several magnet pairs, and Naomi pulled them apart. 


She was delighted to repeat this process again, and again, and again.

The repetition of this activity opens brain nerve connections and builds brain architecture, thus developing a strong brain and laying a foundation to attain mastery in a multitude of skills. 

hand with magnets

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