Friday, October 16, 2009

Terrific Tot Sites ~ Fun With Spot

If your child loves the Fun with Spot book series by Eric Hill, then you will enjoy the website based on the cute little dog! The site provides some great activities for kids and also resources for parents.

At the Fun with Spot website, the kids page is filled with fun! There are animated adventures, clips of Spot stories your child can watch, coloring pages, and games that your little one can play. Games are geared toward your little one and developing skills like sequencing, dress-up, and critical thinking {puzzles}.

If you'd like to create your own story, the site provides an interactive 'storyboard' where you can pick a scene, add characters, words and props, and then read your story. The pages you create are amazing - you have the ability to flip story pieces, layer things and more!

If your little one is really into Spot {or if you are ~ ahem}, the site also provides printables for coloring, bookmarks, doorhangers, downloads for your desktop and even party printables. If your little one would like a Spot birthday party, you can print off everything from start to finish ~ invitations, placemats, banners, and even thank you notes. All items are in pdf format so you can save them for future use too.

If you're wondering what ages and levels of Spot books there are, the site provides a 'key' for parents with a breakdown of age appropriate books and Spot products for your little one.Don't just take my word for it ~ click on the link below and browse it for yourself! I'm sure the sweet little puppy will pull you in!

Hope you enjoy this Terrific Tot Site! To see more featured sites, click here!

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