Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little Hands-On abc's and 123's - Counting with Cars

little handson Abc 123

One thing I have found with my son is that he is less inclined to sit still long enough to "learn." I have had to be creative in the activities I do with him so that he will be engaged in learning his numbers and letters, colors, and everything else while he is playing.  One of my kids' favorite games is to roll things down the slide.  Don't have a slide taking up half your playroom?  Well, at least your play room might look less cluttered than mine!  You can set up a ramp with blocks and a piece of thick cardboard (think cereal box) to play this same game.
The rules are simple: the kids roll the cars down the "ramp" one by one.

Mommy (or big sister) counts them and lines them up as they roll to the bottom.
These numbers are wooden ones from our Montessori math supplies.  You can download numbers (my go-to place for printables is The Confessions of a Homeschooler or Homeschool Creations) or make your own, or use number magnets or foam numbers. 
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Julie Gayler said...

 Super cute idea!  We count with cars all the time, but I never thought of lining them next to numbers!  I'm going to use ones from a foam puzzle we have to try this game!

Jen said...

love lining the cars up by the numbers! :)