Monday, July 4, 2011

Tots On A Mission to…Zimbabwe!


Are you ready for a new Tots On A Mission adventure? Today we are headed to Zimbabwe! Isn’t that fun to say?


The Setting

Zimbabwe is located in southern Africa and is completely surrounded by land. Zimbabwe lies on a high plateau, and its terrain consists primarily of grasslands bordered on the east by mountains. The northeastern border of the country is marked by the mighty Zambezi River, along which is located the beautiful Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba. The Zambezi has become one of the world's best water adventure travel destinations where whitewater rafting ,canoeing and kayaking are popular.


Family Life


The family is the foundation of Zimbabwean society. Marriage is an important rite of passage and a sacred practice. Through marriages the living are connected with their ancestors. Gender roles are defined within the family. Most ethnic groups have patriarchal (male-headed) families. In these, women play a subordinate role. They are expected to serve their husbands, work for them, and bear them children. However, women do have certain rights.

A typical family today is made up of a husband and wife and at least two children. Traditional families are big, including five or more children, plus grandparents and the children of relatives. Some men have more than one wife. It is not unusual to find a man with ten wives. Zimbabwean families, especially in the rural parts of the country, keep animals. Most animals are not just pets but serve other purposes. For instance, cats are kept to kill pests such as mice and rats. Dogs are used for protection and for hunting.

Zimbabwe is one of the very fortunate countries in southern Africa to have basic education, especially for young people. While there are still some people who cannot read or write, most people have at least three years of elementary education. Education is seen as valuable since it can be the way to a good job. Parents are usually willing to spend money on the education of their children as an investment in the future. Children are a form of social security system; they are expected to look after their parents in old age.

Children have their own forms of entertainment and hobbies. They watch television and listen to "top forty" radio. Most of the television programs, videotapes, and films come from Great Britain and the United States. As a result, young people dress like musicians and actors from these two countries and try to imitate their lifestyles. They also listen to local and regional pop artists, especially those from South Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.



History has altered traditional African life. Because of colonization, most Zimbabwean families live in two worlds: the African and the European (or Western). However, in their daily lives, Zimbabweans blend these two. So, while ancestor worship is the most common religious practice, Christianity and Islam are also observed. In fact, about 75 percent of the population observes either Christianity or Islam.

Prayers for Zimbabwe

You can thank God for:

*every Christian in Zimbabwe

*Christians who help the poor and care for those who are sick, unemployed or orphans

You can ask God:

*that He will be with missionaries, evangelists and church workers as they tell others the good news about Jesus

*that Christians will reach out to the many orphans, giving them love, care and hope in Jesus

*to give Christians hope and courage to trust Him even when they are sick, homeless or have no money

*to use Christian books, leaflets, radio and TV programs to help the people of Zimbabwe learn more about Jesus

Get Involved!

Find out more about:

~ Zimbabwe

~ Sponsor a child with World Vision

Tots on a Mission Zimbabwe

We’ve put together a printable about Zimbabwe for you all to use with your little ones as you pray for the country. Color in the flag, see where the country is located, and spell out the name of the country too. Keep it handy because it also has the things to thank God for about the country as well as prayer reminders.

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There are so many ways to impact the world for the kingdom of God! Find out more in the book Window on the World!


Hope you enjoyed our short trip to Zimbabwe!


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