Thursday, August 13, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ Harold and the Purple Crayon: Race Car


Summary: Harold loves race cars and so, with a few strokes of his trusty purple crayon, he transports himself into the world of race car driving. Get ready, get set, and go with Harold as he zooms off on another exciting adventure.

Circle Time

Make or print off 5 race cars, (I printed off 5x7 size so i could get 4 to a sheet). Color and cut out and number each 1 - 5 and attach them to popsicle sticks. While you sing the song have your LO hold up the car puppets and count them.

Five fast race cars speeding round the track.

The first car said, "I can't look back!"

The second car said, "Oh, no! I'm out of gas!"

The third car said, "Beep! Beep! I'm fast!"

The fourth car said, "Vroom, vroom. I win!"

The fifth car said, "Vroom, vroom. I win!"

Then beep went a horn and flash went the lights.

And five fast race cars sped out of sight.

Math/ Snack

5 Fast Race Cars


- 5 more race cars, colored and cut out
- Hot Wheels fruit snacks

To play:

- Label each car with a number 1 - 5.
- Have your LO identify the # on the car and put the correct # of fruit snacks on the cars.
- After they are done, they can eat the fruit snacks!


CAR Letters: Print of the C A R Letters and have your LO take a hot wheel or matchbox type car to them and trace the letters

Motor Skills

Wash Ride On Outside Toys: Now that you have some great new sponges, get a bucket of soapy water and clean those ride on outdoor toys! My girls love playing in the bubbles more then cleaning!

Art Time

Tissue Box Car: Take the plastic cover off the rectangle tissue box. Have your LO decorate it with round construction paper wheels and other stuff they want their car to have. Now they can give their fave stuff animal a ride.

Additional Resources

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Lynn said...

Thank you for this recommendation. I love Harold and the Purple Crayon from when I was younger, and my son isn't at all interested in our collected works edition yet. But he loves cars, so I'm going to give this one a try for sure!