Monday, February 11, 2013

See Ya Later…

totally tots be backYou may have noticed that 2013 has been a VERY slow year for Totally Tots.  There’s a reason for this.

Totally Tots will be taking a bit of a break, and not adding regular new content during 2013.  We have enjoyed having writing teams for the past few years and are so grateful for the time many moms have devoted to filling this blog with ideas!

Jolanthe and I are praying behind the scenes and seeking God’s direction for this site. If you are one of our subscribers, we’d love for you to stay subscribed so you don’t miss anything if we post! We have a few ideas between us and are just seeking God’s will for our future here. It is our prayer that by taking a time of rest from regular posting and managing a writing team, we will be able to do this.

We DO hope to be back!

During our time off from posting, we will be making design changes, so if you pop in and things look different, that’s why!

A huge thank you to all of the moms {with a link for those who still actively have a blog/site we can share} who have contributed as a regular writer at some point during the time Totally Tots has been online. If you click her name, you can see all of the posts she has shared here at Totally Tots, click her blog name to see her own blog!

Jenn ~ from Mama Jenn Blogs

Jodi ~ from Granola Mom 4 God

Maureen ~ from Spell Outloud

Sara ~ from Happy Brown House

Sarah ~ from Simply Sarah

LaToya ~ from LaToya Edwards {formerly Christian Momma}

Valerie ~ from The Crafty Classroom

Michelle ~ from A Mommy’s Adventures

Cindy ~ from Along the Way

Carissa ~ from My Life on a Taffy Pull

Erica ~ from Confessions of a Homeschooler

Laura ~ from McTot

Jill from

Shannon ~ from Butterfly Wishes Wonderland Dreams

Laura ~ from 10 Million Miles

Julie ~ from Adventures of Bear

Christy ~ from Snacks & Stories

Tara ~ from Mommy Missions

Thank you to the ladies who no longer have a public blog to share: Heather, Traci, Erin. If I left anyone off, please forgive me {and let me know}  it’s just my forgetful mommy-brain!

In our 4 years online, I thought it would be fun to see the highest trafficked posts of all 4 years! 

Top Ten Totally Tots

Here are the Top 10 Posts from 2009-2012 on Totally Tots!

  1. Now I Know My ABCs ~ A is for Alligator
  2. Now I Know My ABCs ~ a is for apple
  3. Now I Know My ABCs ~ B is for Bumblebee
  4. Simply Made ~ How to Dye Rice/Pasta
  5. Now I Know My ABCs ~ A is for Astronaut
  6. Crafty Corner ~ Gobble Gobble
  7. From Tots to Teens ~ His Love
  8. Now I Know My ABCs ~ D is for Dinosaur
  9. Now I Know My ABCs ~ C is for Clumsy Crab
  10. Simply Made ~ Clothespin Games

Thanks for reading, we hope to be back!  You can visit us on our personal blogs if you don’t follow us already…

Jolanthe ~ Homeschool Creations

Carisa ~ 1+1+1=1

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Now I Know My ABCs ~ Letter Z

image3_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb[2]All printables for this unit can be downloaded for free on my website, Animal ABCs.

Letter Z ~ ZebraZz zebra

Zz Zebra in Action…

Tot School-4972 Tot School-4982Tot School-5004

See more on my blog ~ Letter Z Tot School

More Letter Zz Fun…

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