Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get Real with God ~ Mirrors

My children are the best mirrors. It never fails. If they are going through some behavior issue or attitude problem it doesn’t take long to realize that I am the ultimate cause of this. For example, we like to start our day together as a family, in the Word. This is our favorite tool to study the Word with. We start right after breakfast, when the table is wiped off and the dishwasher loaded.

Sometimes our bible study time goes by pretty quickly, under 30 minutes. Sometimes is goes on a REALLY long time, like almost 2 hours. And yes, my 4 year old and 2 year old are required to sit at the table during this time! My husband likes to talk, one of these days he’ll be preaching all over the world, but until then, he preaches to us and sometimes it takes awhile.

I started noticing some really bad attitudes when I announced it was time to “Balance the Sword:” Eyes rolling, whining, shoulders slumping. Guess what was being mirrored? I usually start the day off ready to work. I have a million things to do and the energy to do them. In my flesh it feels like sitting at the table for 2 hours is unproductive. But is it? What is the most important thing I can do in a day? Teach my children about the truth and goodness of God Almighty! Really, nothing else matters. Science doesn’t matter. Laundry doesn’t matter. Email doesn’t matter. God has given us the job to turn our little ones into lovers of Him! Malachi says: “Did He not make them one (the husband and wife), having a remnant of the Spirit? And why one? He seeks godly offspring.” We can’t raise godly offspring without teaching them about God. And if my attitude is anything less than what I expect from them, you better believe they are going to pick up on it and show it to the world!

God, grant me the grace to keep my heart right before You, to keep my ways for You and to teach my children about You. Not much else matters and those are the things I want my children to mirror! Amen!

In reverent fear...trusting His ways,


Jacqueline said...

Oh dear! I have to say ouch to that. You are so right, and I have some repenting and fixing to do

Goat Gal said...

Sigh. I am struggling with this as well. Thank you for sharing your heart about this and for reminding me what is important.

My Children, My Gifts said...

Thank you for sharing real life pictures with us. I love seeing this. It motivates me and excites me to see other families doing this. I so enjoy teaching our children the Word!


Kim said...

What timing. Only God. Thank you for meaningful message. I have a new picture of my frustrating morning with the kids. Thank you for this heart check. I need to make some adjustments and will start by looking in the mirror!
Blessings from Hong Kong,

Prasti said...

i'm with you on that. i always struggle with making time with God the #1 thing to get done before the dishes, the laundry, activities w/ the kids, etc. but our kids see that behavior and will inevitably take that same attitude too. thanks for the reminder!

zoejewel said...

Thank you for your great message. I am so touched.