Thursday, March 10, 2011

Once Upon a Book ~ Space Boy



Space Boy by Leo Landry

Summary: This is a cute little story about a boy who can’t go to sleep because of the noise in his house. So he gets in his rocket and takes off for the moon to get away from the sounds of the barking dog, the crying baby, etc. Nicholas enjoys being on the moon…until he realizes that he misses home.

Bible Verse

Praise him, sun and moon, praise him, all you shining stars. Psalm 148:3


The boys used links and the number cards from the super cute Man on the Moon Space Unit from Musings of Me. I punched one hole in each of the cards and the boys attached the appropriate number of links to each card.



We practiced our ABC’s with the Space Jumble from the Space Unit from Musings of Me. I used some magnetic letters and a cookie sheet and the boys matched up the letters by placing the magnetic letter over the corresponding letter on the Space Jumble page.



We did a little matching using the Space Shape Shadow cards from the Astronaut Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations.



The boys LOVED playing the Astronauts to Earth game. We used our Education Cube along with the “Spaceship Colors” insert cards. Roll the cube, mark off the appropriate color cloud and help each astronaut get back to Earth!


Pattern Blocks & Cuisinaire Rods

Blocks of any sort are always a hit with my boys. They enjoyed using the pattern blocks (along with the pattern cards) and Cuisenaire rods (along with the Cuisenaire Rod Alphabet book) to duplicate the rocket patterns.


Magnetic Page

They used our homemade puff balls magnets on the A is for Astronaut Magnetic Page from Making Learning Fun.


Motor Skills

What little boys (or men…for that matter) don’t love to use tools? Mine certainly do, which is why they LOVED using their Design & Drill set. They duplicated the spaceship pattern included in the Design & Drill Activity Center set.



The boys took turns using our Education Cube along with the Race to Space game from the Space Unit from Musings of Me to move back and forth along the game board trying to be the first into space!


They boys also built their own rocket by playing the Roll a Rocket game, also from the Space Unit from Musings of Me.



The boys had a blast making their own space rocket to eat! We used a few square crackers and cut some cheese into triangles and voila…an edible spaceship!


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Michelle said...

I LOVE the astronauts to earth game and that cute snack! Thanks so much for featuring some of my space printables...I'm so glad your boys had fun with them :-)