Thursday, December 8, 2011

Once Upon a Book ~ J is for Jesus



J is for Jesus

by Crystal Bowman

Book Summary: “The candy maker has come up with a new candy that not only tastes good, but has a message everyone should hear. Set in rhyme, this story explains to small children how one of their favorite Christmas treats, the candy cane, is a symbol of Jesus’ birth and gift of salvation.“ (from book cover)

Bible Verse: Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. John 14:6

Counting: The boys lined up and counted some candy canes.


Game: The boys played the Candy Cane Grid Game. They used our homemade puff ball magnets (along with a magnetic cookie sheet) and our Education Cubes (with the Candy Cane Counting insert cards).


Do-a-Dots: We switched it up a bit and rather than using our homemade puff balls, the boys used Do-a-Dot markers on their Happy Birthday Jesus page.  We added in a bit of patterning by using both red and green markers.


Craft: The boys made a '”J” and then decorated it like a candy cane.


Motor Skills: Using sparkly pipe cleaners, the boys twisted up a few candy canes to hang on our Christmas tree. I reminded them to think of “J for Jesus” every time they look at them!


Matching: They did a bit of candy cane alphabet matching with the Christmas Candy Cane matching cards.


Ornament: Use life saver candies to make a Christmas Candy Cane ornament.


Reading: After we had read through the story a few times together, I later caught my son lounging in our bean bag chair “reading” J is for Jesus to his twin brother!


Snack: Enjoy a yummy candy cane cookie!


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rjmsurvance said...

Love!!! This is pinned!!! :)  This is one of our reads during this season too, gonna use some of these activities for our "J is for Jesus" week.  Stop by my blog for "Follow that Star" activities.


Lori Turnbow said...

We got this book this year, can't wait until my boys are older to do some fun things along with reading :-) Thanks, and yes you're getting pinned :-D