Friday, February 3, 2012

In My Heart ~ Seeds Verse Charts

We have something new for you as you use the Seeds Family Worship songs and printables in your home!  Now, there is a simple way for your children to record verses they know, using these new Verse Charts!  Totally Tots has released printables for Volumes 1, 2, and 3 and will be sharing the rest in the future!  We hope you enjoy the new charts, which can be downloaded for free, in either a boy or a girl version!

Verse Chart for CD #1, Seeds of Courageimage

Verse Chart for CD #2, Seeds of Faithimage

Verse Chart for CD #3, Seeds of Praiseimage

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Garbergang said...

I was printing off some mini books and noticed that verse 9 from the "Faith" CD has the wrong reference on the front of the printable.  It says Matthew 128:1 instead of Psalm 128:1.  Thanks for sharing these, we just came across Seeds Family Worship and we LOVE them!

Lyndall said...

Thanks so so so much for this! I have all the CDs and will be introducing these to my kids this year. The visuals will be so helpful for teaching!