Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Numbers Freeze Dance ~ Little Hands-on ABC’s & 123’s

little handson Abc 123

We have been having some great weather so I couldn’t resist doing a fun number activity with the girls outside.  Number Freeze Dance was super easy to set up and the girls had so much fun practicing number recognition as well as getting exercise and enjoying the beautiful weather!!

IMG_2395To set this up I just wrote some large numbers on our cement patio with sidewalk chalk.  Next time I am planning on using our homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint, since the colors are much more vibrant. 



Next, I put on some music and the girls danced around. 



Now for the learning part, when I stopped the music I would either say “Freeze on the number 4” and the girls would have to quickly find the number I called out or “Freeze, stop on a number” and the girls would have to pick any number that is near by and then tell me what number they were on.  The girls loved both ways and are already asking to go out and play some more!


Little Hands-on ABC’s and 123’s is a bi-monthly feature that focuses on practical and simple ideas that you can do at home to help your tot develop their letter and number skills.



cklueh said...

My 3 yo loves the dance and freeze game. I love the idea of adding learning to it.

Amanda Carman (Excited2Learn) said...

wanted to stop by and say we loved this post/idea. We tried it out and had
so much fun we just had to share it with our readers too (giving you a link
back of course)!