Thursday, July 26, 2012

Language Activity for Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! ~ Once Upon a Book

Book Summary: Pretty ladybugs, fluttering butterflies, creepy daddy longlegs, and roly-poly bugs are some of the familiar creatures featured in this whimsically illustrated insect album. Complete with an "actual size" chart and bug-o-meter listing fun facts about each bug, Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! will inform and entertain curious little bug lovers everywhere.

Bb is for Bugs!

Help your tot recognize the letter Bb by helping them decorate them with fingerprint bugs!

Print off the Bb is for Bugs Fingerprint Art Page from Happy Brown House and gather your supplies.

Using the stamp pad, have your tot use their finger to make dots on the paper. This can be messy, but tots love messy! Have a baby wipe nearby for easy clean-up.

Let them use the black marker or pen to draw legs, antennae, wings, etc. on the fingerprints to make them look like bugs. You might need to demonstrate how to do this on the first bug. Let their creativity flow!

Listen for the Bb Sound
Play a listening game to help them identify the beginning Bb sound. Say bug names/features (some of them should start with Bb and some of them should not~mix it up). When your child hears the Bb sound, let them clap, jump, etc. (anything really!)

Here are a few Bb words to help you: bug, bumblebee, buzz, beetle, butterfly

Other words to mix in: caterpillar, wing, antennae, grasshopper, dragonfly, spider, web

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