Monday, December 1, 2008

Introducing ~ Erica

I am a Christian mom, with a wonderful husband of 9 years, and 4 precious kiddos! I have a second grader, kindergartner, preschooler, and teeny tiny tot. We are going on our fourth year of homeschooling! I am thankful that we have the option to have our kids around all day, and can be the primary influence in their lives!

I started blogging in August 2009 when we started school for the year. It started off as a way for my husband to ‘see what we do all day’, and it has really helped him interact with the kids when he comes home. The blog slowly morphed into sharing ideas with other homeschoolers! The Lord has really confirmed our decision to homeschool this year and truly brought us joy through our obedience!

This year, I’ve found most of my inspiration from fellow homeschoolers and blogs like Totally Tots! Joining in the blogging community has been a HUGE help, and frankly I’m not sure how I ever did school before! There are so many talented and creative moms out there, and I love that everyone is willing to share their ideas and inspiration so freely!

It’s truly been a blessing to us this year, and I'm excited to be able to 'give back' through the Totally Tots feature: The Crafty Corner! You can also find me at our homeschool blog Confessions Of A Homeschooler!

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