Monday, December 1, 2008

Introducing ~ Jodi

I am not who I used to be, thanks to God working through me over the years. I met my high school sweetheart (Hottie Hubby . . . AKA Brian) almost 17 years ago on a blind date (that I organized) clueless as to how my life would radically change in the year to follow. Through an organization called Campus Crusade for Christ, I came to know about Jesus while visiting my husband's sister on a college shopping weekend. I discovered that you could be in a sorority, wear trendy clothes and know Jesus. Shallow . . . but it just goes to show you that God reaches out and works in our lives wherever we are at. I never joined a sorority, but I did follow Jesus, and have yet to dress trendy! The Hottie Hubby and I have been married 10 years and continue to date while training up three busy boys, Mr. Smackdown, Mr. Me-Too, and Mr. Smiley. Prior to being a mom, I taught English to junior high students, was privileged to homeschool another family, sorted books in a basement in India, and loved being a kindergarten teacher for 3 years. We feel led to homeschool our boys due to where we currently live and to be ready to enter full time missionary work when the Lord gives us the green light! I will be writing for Once Upon a Book here at Totally Tots. You can find me blogging about our granola life, school, products, food, books, and God over at Granola Mom 4 God.

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