Thursday, September 10, 2009

Once Upon a Book ~ Apples, Apples


Its that time of year again when the apples trees are full of ripe, juicy apples that you can go pick on your own for some great family time! We love apple picking and it has become a family tradition!

Apples, Apples

by Salina Yoon

Summary: Lift the flaps and see all the things you can make and do with apples.

Circle Time

A-P-P-L-E {to the tune of B-I-N-G-O}

There is a treat that's good to eat
and APPLE is its name-o.
A-P-P-L-E, A-P-P-L-E,
A-P-P-L-E and APPLE was its name o.

Art Time

Cookie Cutter Apple Prints

Gather some different sized apple shaped cookie cutters along with red, green, and yellow paint {if you don't have cookie cutters, cut some apples in half}. Spread out some newspaper and you're ready to make some Apple Prints! Have your child use the cookie cutters to stamp a design on a piece of paper. Set aside to dry and laminate for a fall place mat.

Snack Time - Apple ShakeUps


- Apples
- Cinnamon or apple pie spice
- Plastic baggie

To Make:

1. Cut a peeled apple (you can leave the peel on if your LO likes it) into bite sized pieces.
2. Place the apple chunks into a ziploc baggie
3. Add some cinnamon (or apple pie spice) and seal up the baggie.
4. Have your LO shake up the apples to coat them with the spice.
5. Open and eat! YUMMY!

Science Time

Apple Tasting


- Apples: at least 1 red, 1 green and 1 yellow
- Piece of paper and pen

The taste test:

1. Cut a slice from each apple
2. Have your LO taste and describe it too you {this is fun for the whole family to do!}
3. Chart which apple each of you likes better!
4. With the left over apples make a apple crisp or apple pancakes (recipe is whole wheat)

More Apple Fun

Apple Prints (scroll down a little in the post)

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Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

These are great suggestions and I plan to use a lot of them with my son - we are getting ready to dive into an autumn unit. Thanks for all of these ideas! Unfortunately my library doesn't have this book - it looks like a great book!

Preschool Playbook said...

I love the apple shakers. I was looking for something fun and easy to do with apples with the children in a couple weeks. This looks easy, fun, and tasty! thanks.

Frenchell said...

This is a great idea! I am going to take the kids to the library tomorrow to pick up this book and try this with them! thanks!