Sunday, February 7, 2010

Get Real with God ~ What does God Need?

This past month has been a tough one for me. Tough in that I felt the turn of the “Taffy Maker” stronger than usual and faster than usual too! This has nothing to do with our financial situation (though that still exists) and it has nothing to do with our job situation (though that also still exists) but it has to do with being completely and totally Obedient to God-no matter what He asks for! What if the Lord asked you for your very last penny, would you give it? What if He asked you for your children, would you trust Him?

Phew, it’s been intense, but it’s also been so sweet. I have been seeking the Lord in prayer like never before because I have real needs and I need real answers. And do you know what? God is answering me. He is giving me real answers! I am awestruck! Not that I didn’t believe He would answer me…here’s the thing though: He’s not answering the specific questions that I asked but he’s giving me something new to think about! It’s wonderful! Ever notice how you can get so obsessed with one thing that you can’t focus on anything else? That happens to me all the time! The Lord has turned my mind off to me and my circumstances and on to Him and particular people in my life that need my prayer! You know why? Because He’s got me COVERED!! I don’t have to keep asking Him when and how and why! He’s got it worked out and I am in complete and total Faith!

This morning when I was filling the coffee pot the Lord put an image in my mind. The image doesn’t have a shape, it’s not something that I could even begin to describe, but there was an explanation with the image. Before I tell you though, I need for you to understand the depths from which I am saying this. Words are not enough, if you could see my face, hear the quiver in my voice, see the tears in my eyes, feel the joy welling up in my heart, then maybe you would get a small portion of what I’m trying to say here. This is what the image was representing: God NEEDS our love. Sounds simple right? But let me explain…He doesn’t need our love to be God, He doesn’t need our Love to do what He does and be who He is. He doesn’t need our love so He can, in return, love us back. He needs our love the way a mother needs her child to love her. He needs our love the way a Father longs for his wayward child to come home. God NEEDS our love. I have never thought of God needing anything, He is God after all. But clearly this morning He was speaking something to me. I shared with my husband my experience at the sink and he looked at me and said, “And this is why God waits.” Can your grasp the depth of that? Amazing! I am in Awe. I am overwhelmed.

So the challenge is:

How do I love God?

What am I doing that shows God I LOVE Him?

Will I spend time with Him?

Will I obey Him?

Will I trust HIM?

Oh God, help me to LOVE you! Father, nothing else matters! Money, food, shelter, whatever…It is NOTHING if I am not LOVING my Father!

I know this is kind of a deep post.. I’m sorry if I’ve made anyone uncomfortable…but I HAVE to share what’s on my heart. I have to LOVE my Lord this way! We can’t hide from God. We can try though. The love He has towards us is infinite, there is no measure that can describe His love towards us and today I saw an image of a God who craves our LOVE in return. How can I not give it to Him? How can I withhold from Him what He has so freely given to me?



Randi Jo :) said...

Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog recently and as I read this entry it just brought me back to a place I was at in 'my walk' when God was revealing things like this to me as well - what a mountaintop! The joy in you is totally contagious and I remember that feeling/enlightenment/season of mountaintop so clearly as I read. Thanks for sharing your heart. The joy and love we feel when in intimate relationship is God is unbelievably amazing --- it poured out like a cup runneth overly through you here and on to me. Blessings,
randi :)

Randi Jo :) said...

oops - forgot to check the box so I could see followup comments :)

Carissa Blanchard said...

Thank you Randi! And thank the LORD! He is so good to us and gives us what we need, sometimes even before we know we need it!

Carissa aka Mrs. Taffy

Unknown said...

What an amazing post! I totally agree with all that you wrote. It is so important to grasp that what he wants is a relationship.

Cari said...

God's love is Awesome! and Loving God is Awesome!
check out this video Kim Walker, singing "He Loves Us"

BTW I Love your blog!

Jessalyn said...

Wow, what an amazing and moving post! Thanks for putting this challenge in my heart also, what an awesome way to think about loving our God!

Shelby said...

Chills!! Amazingly beautiful post! I love God! I love how he shows Himself to us in many amazing ways!

May God bless your day today and every day!