Thursday, February 25, 2010

Once Upon a Book ~ All the Way to God


All the Way to God (Family Storytime)

by Katie & Michael Giuliano

Summary: A father and daughter discuss how much they love each other. As they attempt to "out-do" each other's expression of love, the daughter ends the debate with..."I love you ALL THE WAY TO GOD!"

Bible Verse

Let us love one another, for love comes from God. 1 John 4:7


Make a handprint heart.

Motor Skills

Teach your little one how to make a heart. Fold a piece of paper in half and show them how to cut out a heart shape. (If needed, draw and cut the shape for your child, but allow them to open up their heart!)


Once your child has cut out some hearts, practice counting them together.


Play Leaps of Love. Cut out hearts or use the ones that your child cut and place them on the floor. Take turns leaping from heart to heart. With each leap give a reason for loving one another!

Another fun game to play is Hide the Heart. Cut out hearts (or use the ones previously cut). Write a different reason for loving your child on each heart. Hide the hearts around the house and encourage them to be on the lookout for the hearts throughout the day!


Make a yummy snack and practice motor skills by using raisins or some other fruit to make a heart shape.

Heart Fingerplay

I put my hands together, (put palms together)
This is how I start.
I curve my fingers right around, (curve fingers down so that fingernails touch)
And I can make a heart!

More Ideas: Establish a bedtime routine similar to the Giuliano's from the book!

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Amber P. said...

Every single one of these activities ideas is so terrific. I can't wait to make handprint hearts with my little ones. I also love the Leaps of Love game.

Around Valentine's we drew a large heart on butcher paper and wrote love in it. then we talked about love and how she show each other love in our family. We ended by having each person in the family stand in the heart while everyone else said things they loved about that person. It was a huge hit. We did it over and over for several days afterward.