Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Play with Me ~ Twister Hopscotch

51kr3mkzfQL._SL160_It may seem silly that I am featuring a game made for older children on a post with a focus on tots, but stick with me, you’ll see why soon!

I love finding alternative uses for toys, especially toys that aren’t played with often {I hate things to just sit and take up space}. Pac Man got Twister Hopscotch as a gift a little over a year ago, we liked it as a game—it’s really fun. We also like just the rings, they are awesome! The rings become a great open-ended learning toy!

Here’s Krash learning to play the actual game, he enjoys being the spinner…IMG_1806 copy

and the doerIMG_1804

Using just the rings, we made different objects together, here’s our glasses… IMG_1809 copy

We rolled them back and forth to each other, both one at a time {also yelling out their color to practice, and counting}, and all together! IMG_1818 copy

We sorted by color… IMG_1819 copy

We sorted colored cars in them…IMG_2855 copy

We had the most fun working on physical activities with them. We stacked them and used them as an obstacle. Here he is TIP TOEING inside of them…IMG_1827 copy

Here he is leaping OVER them… IMG_1828 copy

Here he is BALANCING INSIDE of them… IMG_1830 copy

There are SO many wonderful learning opportunities with simple colored rings, these are just a few! If you don’t have this game, it is a great addition, especially for active kiddos and ones who need to learn a bit of direction-following. You could also use some of these ideas with any other type of ring or circles. Think outside the box by searching through games you may have with cool pieces inside that could be used in other ways!

Happy Playing!

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E said...

Oh I LOVE this!! GREAT ideas Carisa!!! We have this game and I never thought of using it any other way.

Anonymous said...

I love the rings. There are so many uses for them.

Tarasine (pronounced Tara-seena, in case you were wondering) said...

Great ideas for using the game in different ways! I'm doing a series on my blog with a similar theme--adapting "older" games for toddlers and/or using the game components in new ways. If you're interested, the latest post (so far I have 3) is at .Thanks for sharing your ideas!