Thursday, June 24, 2010

Once Upon a Book ~ Starry Safari


Starry Safari 
by Linda Ashman
Summary: Follow along as a young imaginative girl encounters various different animal adventures while traveling through the “safari” on her bright orange jeep…until she is stopped by the “Big Safari Ranger” (her dad) who comes to tuck her into bed yet again.

Bible Verse

“God made the wild animals of the earth of every kind” Genesis 1:24


We used our foam animal kit to make little animal puppets just like we did with my 2 years olds for Peek-a-Boo Jungle. Here are my older boy’s animal creations!


We incorporated math by using the leftover facial features from our little animal puppets above. We used terms like less than and more than as we discussed the leftover parts. Such questions included:
Are there more monkey ears leftover than elephant ears?
How many more googly eyes are leftover than tiger noses?
How many less green popsicle sticks are there than blue sticks?
We also grouped the leftover popsicle sticks and worked on counting by fives.

Dramatic Play

We reenacted the story. We made a cute little orange jeep using the toilet paper tube rolling car instructions. We used straws and a hole puncher to add the roll bars.

My daughter contributed one of her miniature dolls to be our little jeep driver and we used our box of miniature animals similar to these. All of the kids had a blast driving the car through “our safari” as I dramatically read through the book numerous times.

album 6.18.10 003

Our favorite part was when each of the kids had a turn wearing daddy’s shoes and being the Big Safari Ranger.

album 6.18.10 021

album 6.18.10 007 


Play Safari Ranger Says. This is played like Simon Says. The Safari Ranger calls out animal related instructions, like “roar like a lion” or “jump up and down like a monkey”.

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Asashia said...

I'm here from an invitation from Julia at Live, Laugh, Love. Thank you for your ideas. I look forward to doing them with my son!