Monday, June 7, 2010

Terrific Tot Sites ~

The Terrific Tot Sites feature is designed to help you find fun and safe websites to visit with your toddler. Some of the sites are educational in nature and some are just plain fun! If this is your first time visiting, be sure to check out some of the toddler websites that we've featured in the past. Hope you enjoy this Terrific Tot Site!
I pretty sure that the Crayola name needs no introduction, but just in case…if you are ever in need of coloring pages, Crayola is the place to check out! There are tons of free coloring pages in a variety of categories ~ animals, vehicles, holidays, Disney-themed, sports and more. Over 1,000 coloring pages with more added all the time!
The fun we’ve been having lately though is turning our personal photos into coloring pages…and you can too! To give you an idea of how it works, I took this picture of Kaleb…
kaleb before
and converted it to this cute picture for him to color:
kaleb coloring page 
If you’d like to make your own coloring page, you’ll have to create a username/password and then click over to this page:
After that, upload your own photo{s}, add any of the fun elements that you want and if you’d like to print it off, you’ll need a little code….PR24QCHT. You can save your pictures to reprint later or color them online too ~ it’s up to you.
Be sure to also visit Crayola’s parent section ~ full of resources, arts & crafts activities, and other ideas. Hope you enjoy this Terrific Tot Site! To see more featured sites, click here!


Jamie said...

That is SO awesome! I'm definitely going to be trying that out!

Unknown said...

You can also check out and their free coloring pages for your kid!