Thursday, November 11, 2010

Once Upon a Book ~ Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?


by Margaret Wang

Summary:  Nine cookies have disappeared from the cookie jar.  There is one left.  Who is eating them?  Read this book with your child to discover who stole the cookie from the cookie jar by counting backwards and learning the names of different animals.  This book is also fun because the cookies are raised, textured cookie shapes, perfect for the toddler who enjoys touching as they learn. 

Bible Verse

 He gives food to every creature. His love endures forever. (Psalm 136:2)

Hands-On Play

CSN 001

Having recently added these Color Cookies to our school room, they really added to our learning experience.  I loved using this manipulative, because I was able to apply the book to all three of my boys (ages 6, 4, and 2).
Smiley enjoyed taking the cookies apart.

CSN 008

Putting them in a bucket . . .

November 022

Stacking . . .

November 025

And you can try patterns . . .
 November 019 


  • small cookies
  • cookie jar
  • pictures of all the animals in the book
  • number cards
I couldn’t resist purchasing little cookies.  Yes, I know that I could have made them . . . and we did.  But my cookies aren’t rock hard!

F week 021


I went through the book and found clip art on my computer that I knew Mr. Smiley would recognize and was similar to the pictures in the book. 

F week 027

As I read the story, I had him find the matching pictures.  Mr. Smiley loved it when we came to the last page . . . “Daddy stole the cookie from the cookie jar.”  He finally got to grab the picture of his dad. 

F week 024 
I then added numbers into the mix! 

F week 033

The idea was that when we read the number of cookies left, that Smiley would place the animal talked about on that page on the appropriate number.  This was a bit of an adventurous task for a two-year old. 

F week 031

Cooking:  Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

November 015

I was a bit nervous for this next endeavor.  I hadn’t ever “baked” with Mr. Smiley.   However, I found that he followed directions well.  But IF you are going to cook with your Toddler, I would highly recommend that you PREPARE everything before you begin this culinary experience.

cookies 008

I also made this a project that was just a Mommy and Smiley activity.  That lowered my stress level, to be honest, and Mr. Smiley really got to have a hands-on learning time.  He was delighted . . . and wanted to eat a lot of cookie dough!

cookies 014
Want the recipe?  I can’t give it to you . . . but I can tell you where you can find it . . .  this tasty and moist cookie can be found in the Sue Gregg Dessert Cookbook.  You could also purchase pre-made cookie dough or make a normal recipe that you are familiar with! 

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