Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Simply Made ~ Felt Board

I made a felt board for my children awhile back and completely forgot about it. A few weeks ago I remembered it and the kids have been enjoying it ever since! So, I decided to share how to make your very own inexpensive felt board.


You will need to gather the following supplies:

  • wood framed cork board
  • felt (one piece large enough to cover the cork board)
  • more felt (smaller pieces in various colors to cut out shapes)
  • scissors
  • knife (a regular table knife will suffice)


1) First, lay your board on the large piece of felt and trace around the board (onto the felt).

2) Cut out the rectangle that you just traced.

3) Using your knife, tuck the edges of the felt underneath the frame of the board…as shown below.


3) Cut out various shapes from different colors of felt and let your little one get to work playing!


FYI: No need to add any sort of adhesive to the felt shapes because they will adhere to the felt board on their own!


Anonymous said...

Using a corkboard is great idea! When I have made them with cardboard, they always get bent.

Unknown said...

An even cheaper method is to use the lid to a box. Ours is made with the lid to a paper box that DH brought home from work.

Jennifer said...

Never thought of corkboard! Great idea!

Rose said...

This is a great idea... thanks for sharing!

Kattie said...

I have been wanting one of these, thanks for sharing how to make one!

Vanessa (Housewives Inc) said...

What great timing for this post - thank you! I had already decided to head to the fabric shop tomorrow to buy some felt to make something very similar (have a few ideas kicking around in the old head...) but I love your idea of just having shapes and letting the kiddies decide what to turn them into. Great :-)

Katie said...

Starting at what age would this be good for?


Anonymous said...

I love how simple and easy this was.. but what a wonderful flannel board it turned out to be!

Leah said...

i made a felt board for my little one like this year or so back, but i don't know why on earth i didn't think of doing simple shapes for her to use to play with???? thanks for the idea! i'm off to clip a few things for her!