Thursday, January 6, 2011

Once Upon a Book ~ Jesse Bear What Will You Wear?



Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

by Nancy White Carlstrom

Summary: This is a cute story about a day in the life of a cute little bear named Jesse. Yes, it talks about what he’ll wear, but it’s so much more! The book also uses rhyming words in a playful manner, discusses foods to eat, playtime and bedtime. Definitely a classic and one of our families favorites!

Matthew 6:31-33 Do not worry then, saying, "What will we eat?" or "What will we drink?"' or "What will we wear for clothing?" For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Craft: We made a cute little dress up bear awhile back and I thought it would be perfect for this activity so we got him back out. It’s simply a bear printed out on brown cardstock then laminated. I put Velcro dots on his body then cutout clothes from colorful felt. It’s easy to dress him as you just stick them on!


Here is a cute paper bear as well if you don’t have the above supplies:


Lapbook: We made this cute lapbook for our study this week as well. You can find all of these printables for this lapbook on Homeschool Share.


Find the bear: One of our favorite games was the find the bear activity. I hid the little bears all over the room and she had to find them. I thought it was too simple for her, but she really had a good time!


Rhyming Words: My son helped her do the rhyming words activity. He did really well considering many of the words sound the same but are not spelled the same.

Math: Next we got out our Add It! Game and used counting bears to do a little simple math:


Snack: For this one, I had to borrow some pictures from Delightful Learning (with her permission of course!) Michelle went way above and beyond to make what I think is quite possibly the cutest lunch I’ve ever seen, just check it out for yourself:

Apr 10, 20101

Art: Michelle also did this cute activity too, it’s a Five In A Row potato stamp activity to learn about shapes, you can use these stampers to make patterns on butcher paper, I believe they used it for their table cloth at the “Bear Lunch”.

Apr 10, 2010

Weather: One of the activities we did was to talk about the weather and what type of clothes we wear for each season. I would name a season and my daughter put the appropriate clothes on Jesse Bear.


More Jesse Bear activities:

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Pam said...

I'm just wondering if we can find out what the next book will be that you will be focusing on so that we can order it ahead of time or try to find it at the library (being in a somewhat isolated, small community the options are limited). Thanks! Love the ideas.

Melissa Lanzarotta said...

AH, a little disappointed the links to the patterns don't work any longer...I would love to do this with my son for the brown bear lesson I am trying to get together.

Jolanthe said...

I just tried looking for them the other day too and was sad. I think she
moved them to the paid portion of her site.

Dominique said...

Here is a link:
Hope it works!!

Jolanthe said...

Thanks for the link! :)