Friday, July 8, 2011

In My Heart ~ Psalm 63:1-4

Better Than Life {Psalm 63:1-4} is #1 from Seeds of Praise.

Full Page Verse Printable… image

Verse Mini Book {which could also be cut into mini flash cards to have kids put the verse in order}…  image

Copy Work Tracers {print & cursive}  image

Copy Work Sheets…  image

Full Verse Coloring Pages… image

Seeds Family Worship printables here!

Visit the main Seeds Family Worship Printables page here.

Visit Seeds Family Worship to learn more about their ministry here!

Simple verse cards from Seeds, and also a verse memorization checklist can be found here on their site!



Lori said...

I really enjoy this way of teaching scripture. I went to the site and the links point back to a verse from the second cd

Valerie McClintick said...

Thanks for the heads up Lori!  I've got it all fixed (hopefully) you might need to refresh the page.  Let me know if that works for you :)



Lori said...

perfect, thx!!