Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Now I Know My ABC’s ~ Oo is for Owl

Summary: Tired owl keeps getting woken up from his sleep by other animals. Will he ever get some rest? A cute cumulative story for young ones with a funny ending.
Letter Activities:
One of the first items I thought of when thinking about the Letter O was Cheerios! I poured about a half of box (use coupons to purchase and it is really cheap) into a plastic tub for some sensory box fun. I put various letter O’s, some old O puzzle pieces, spoons, and bowls.
My tot spent quite a bit of time playing with this tub. You can see how hard she is concentrating on the pouring Cheerios into the bowl. She also ate quite a few too! :)
We also pulled out our Leap Frog Fridge Phonics. My tot hadn’t played with it in a very long time so it was also a perfect way to review some of our past letters.
For our owl poem/handwriting page, I had my daughter finger-trace the letters. Then she traced some of them with a crayon.
Next my tot and preschooler spent some time coloring an owl. While coloring we talked about what happened in the book.

Then the girls used some of the Cheerios from the sensory box and glued them onto the letter O.

Earlier this year, Jodi wrote about what her kids did for their unit on Owl Babies. They made these cool crafts (pictured above) which were on my list to do. She also as some other owl resources listed too.

And here’s another cute owl letter activity: Owl alphabet craft
Since our book was about owls, we were able to talk about nocturnal and diurnal animals again.
Oohandwritingweb owlcoloring copy
You can download these Letter Oo printables on HS Printables ABC index page.
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