Thursday, January 12, 2012

Once Upon a Book ~ The Gingerbread Man ~ Rhymes and Puzzles


Each Thursday this month, we’ll be focusing on one area of activities to go along with the book The Gingerbread Man. The ideas are short and simple, but FUN to start the learning with your tot! Be sure to check back each week in January for more fun gingerbread ideas!

This week I’m sharing a fun rhyme that you can use on a feltboard and also a number puzzle to work on counting from 1 to 10.

Book Summary: An old lady makes a gingerbread for her husband’s lunch. When she opens the oven, he comes to life and runs out the door! Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man! He shouts as he runs from the old lady and her husband, a pig and a horse. Finally at the end of his journey he meets a fox that offers to help him across the river.

5 Ginger Cookies Felt Board

For this activity you’ll need:

  • a felt/flannel board
  • the flannel board set, 5 Ginger Cookies {we purchased this for $1 via Currclick}

Here’s a look at Chubba doing the rhyme along with me.

Gingerbread Puzzle
For this activity you’ll need to print off the puzzle from the Gingerbread Baby Preschool Pack at Homeschool Creations. Chubba had to put the pieces to the puzzle in order from 1-10 to make the gingerbread man.
IMG_0853  IMG_0854

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