Monday, January 16, 2012

Simply Made ~ Using Old Calendars

With the beginning of the new year, we always get new calendars in our mailbox from various local organizations. This year, we received 4 different calendars in the mail. Add the new calendars to the old calendars used around our house over the past year, and we ended up with quite a stack!


While we obviously didn't need that many calendars, I just couldn't get rid of them. (Does anyone else have a hard time throwing things away when you might be able to use it for learning activities?) I let them sit on the counter for a week before I got sick of them. Just as I tossed them into the recycling box, I remembered something I used to do in my Kindergarten classroom several years ago. And then, once I really brainstormed, I thought of several more ideas.

Number Writing Practice:
Allow your tot to practice writing numbers in the boxes. If they aren't ready to write numbers on their own yet, use a highlighter to write the numbers and allow them to trace the lines.


Build-a-Number/Number Matching:
Using number stickers or number stamps, have your tot match up numbers or "build" numbers in the boxes. We used some foam stickers we found in the "Dollar Spot" at Target recently.

Cutting/Gluing Practice:
I let Jonah practice cutting on the lines. First, I cut each row apart so it would be smaller for Jonah's little fingers to hold. Using child-safe scissors, he then practiced cutting the squares apart. After all the squares were cut apart, I let Jonah practice finding the numbers on a new month and gluing them down on the corresponding square. (If your child has trouble with scissors or is just learning how to cut, these Pre-School Spring Action Scissors are great!)

 Patterns/Odd & Even Numbers:
Using two markers, we worked on coloring a pattern. This can be tricky when they switch rows, so I would consider this a little more advanced in patterning. Another thing to note, is that this can be used for Odd & Even Number learning.

What other things can you think of to do with old calendars? Feel free to share in the comments!



denise said...

You can cut up the pictures to make a puzzle

Tracey M. said...

I have used old calendars as writing prompts for children.  If it is a calendar with scenic pictures then I ask my daughter to tell me a story using the picture as the setting.  She is four years old so I write down what she tells me but when she is older she'll do the writing on her own obviously.  

Tracey M. said...

I forgot to say I LOVE your Math ideas. I never thought to use them like that before. Thank you!

Joyce and Norm said...

These are great ideas!! After having them cut it out, you can have them put it back in order again if they know their numbers, or with help.

Happybrownhouse said...

Great idea Denise! I have done that, and forgot to mention it! The possibilities are endless! Thanks for commenting!

Happybrownhouse said...

Yes, Tracey! I have done that, but forgot to mention it. See, the possibilities are endless! Thank you for commenting and adding to the ideas!

Happybrownhouse said...

You're welcome Tracey!

Happybrownhouse said...

Yes, that would be the next step to what I mentioned about searching and gluing the numbers down on a new month. Thank you for adding your comment and extending the ideas!

Deanna Gibbons said...

Brilliant!  I just started homeschooling in the fall.  Why can't my brain come up with such simple, yet smart ways to teach my son??

Sabrina said...

I LOVE YOUR IDEAS!!! I just tossed a few in the recycle bin....I'll know for next makes me want to go and just buy some to do your activities...tee hee hee.
Some other ideas- cut the pics to make puzzles that go along with a theme your working on, or for for older children you can cut the pics and have them write a story about it or cut and paste a sentence starter to the picture for them.

Happybrownhouse said...

Thanks for commenting Sabrina! After reading the comments, I had to say "DUH!" I totally forgot to mention those. Maybe a friend still has their calendars?

Happybrownhouse said...

Deanna, I taught Kindergarten for 5 years with a brilliant group of ladies. Don't beat yourself up...the internet is your friend! Seriously, all of the bloggers that write for this blog have fabulous ideas and we love to share with you.

Trina said...

I love all of these ideas here! I thought of parting with a calendar just last week and couldn't bring myself to do it, now I know why! Thanks!!

teacherbuzybee said...

That pencil is way to long for that child!  Please consider using a pencil no longer than a few inches.  It will improve his grasp as well.  If he uses a similar grasp when holding a crayon, please break the crayons in half!  Good luck!