Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Community Helpers Sensory Tub ~ What's in the Tub?

Here are a few Community Helper ideas for you and your tot to explore:

What's inside:
Construction dress up clothes and construction tools of the trade
This month we went a little different route and added dress up clothes to the mix! Believe it or not these are our first official dress up clothes!! My 4 year old was a much bigger fan of trying things on than my 2 year old! She was all about the hats though!
After I let them explore the contents of the bin for awhile we started looking at each item and trying to decide which community helper would need that tool.
A few of the doctor items had them tricked but they were surprisingly good at identify all the tools! These are only 5 of the many, many community helpers in our community. I hope this gives you a good start to your sensory bin! Maybe you already own other items to add other Community Helpers to your bin?

What's in the Tub? is a monthly feature that focuses on a fun sensory tub ideas to go along with the monthly theme at Totally Tots. Click here to see the past sensory tub ideas.

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