Monday, October 15, 2012

Fabric Sensory Box for Toddlers ~ Simply Made

My tiny tot is at the stage where he wants to pull everything out of the toy box, cabinets, or anything else left unattended. While annoying and messy at times, I know that exploring his surroundings is a part of his learning stage and teaching him about the world around him. Instead of fighting his natural exploration by taking everything away, I set up up a box for him to explore safely.

  • Empty wipes box
  • Fabric and ribbon scraps of all sizes and textures (I used corduroy, felt, cotton, soft minky, silk, chenille and flannel fabrics)
  1. Place the fabric scraps in the wipes case.
  2. Let your tot explore by pulling and stuffing fabric in and out of the top hole.
  3. Let them explore the fabric textures. As you play, describe the fabric to them by saying things like "This piece is soft", "This piece is red", "This piece is silky", etc.
  4. When they've pulled them all out, help them put them back in and do it again!
As your tot grows, help him sort the fabrics by color, size, or texture.

My tiny tot loved this and sat with the Fabric Sensory Box for longer than his normal attention span. I hope your tot enjoys it as well!

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