Monday, December 17, 2012

Counting Presents ~ Simply Made

During the month of December, most tots are fascinated with the presents that start appearing under the Christmas tree. Little ones find the mystery packages almost too much to resist, but with this activity, they don't have to be off limits.
  • Miniature Christmas Tree (ours is less than a foot high and was purchased for a $1)
  • Miniature Christmas Presents or small jewelry boxes (The mini presents are ornaments with the string cut off)
  • White Board & Marker or Number Cards (optional)

Play a fun counting game with your tot. Depending on your tot's skill level, you could place gifts under the tree for them to count. Then, they could write the number on the white board. Or, have your tot pull a number card and place the correct number of mini presents under the tree.
At our house, we are focusing on simple addition, so we practiced with our presents. My little guy had fun choosing who would get the presents in our number stories.
   For the younger tots, you could have them sort the presents by color or make a simple pattern.

Hopefully this will give your tot a chance to play with presents, without unwrapping the real ones under your tree!

Merry Christmas!


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