Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crafty Corner ~ No-Bake LOVE Cupcakes

Our no-bake cupcakes full of L.O.V.E.

We wanted to give Nonna and Grandad a little something to thank them for baking cupcakes with Savanna.

We combined some of our current loves - glitter and glue and came up with these no-bake cupcakes pictured below. These sweet little cakes were based on an idea featured in the Wonder Time Magazine, October 2008, (the US edition). This is a simple craft to do and one that you can make as easy, or as hard and messy as you like.

Materials required:
  • Brown paper bags
  • Disposable cups (we only had green ones available)
  • Items to decorate your cakes (we used glue, glitter, card, toothpick and gold ribbon) Obviously the sky is the limit here, you could use buttons, textured materials, stickers, felt pens, paint etc.
  • Sticky tape

What we did:

Preparation before we started (10 minutes tops):

  • I cut the top half off two green paper cups before we began the activity. - I put some red and gold glitter into a disposable baking tray and added more glitter to our existing zip-lock bags. We already had two zip-lock bags containing glitter - one with red glitter and one with gold, I just added a little more sparkle to each bag.
  • I cut out 8 different sized heart shapes that I had drawn on a piece of cardboard.
  • I wrapped gold ribbon around two toothpicks.

Savanna then helped me scrunch two brown paper bags into a ball. We then applied glue to the bag.

Now it was time to decorate our yummy chocolate cakes. Sav rolled the cakes around the baking dish and instant results were seen. Then it was time to make our hearts sparkle. We applied glue to the hearts and then we popped them into our ziplock bags. Sav using her own and oh so cute dramatic and vocal ways, ensured that the sticky hearts were smothered in glitter. You just have to be careful that your keen toddler doesn't handle the card too much as it ends up sticking to the bag, you need to try and encourage them to shake the bag and once they are done, remove (I use tweezers) the card from the bag.

Once all the glue was dry it was time to put our cakes together. I used a little sticky tape to secure our "cakes" to our cupcake holders. We glued our sparkly hearts to our green cupcake holders. We also glued a heart onto our toothpicks (which were covered in gold ribbon) and then poked them into our cupcakes.

Voila - we had two delicious, sparkly looking cupcakes. This Crafty Corner post was written by Elise, you can visit her at her blog, The Adventures of E & T plus 2. Thanks Elise for sharing such a cute craft!

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Kelly said...

I love this idea!! How sweet!!