Saturday, February 21, 2009

Simply Made ~ Paper Clip Colors

  • different colored paper clips
  • laminated construction paper rectangles to match the paper clips

To Make:

  • cut out and laminate the construction paper rectangles (mine are small like 2 inch by 5 inch) If you need a small home laminator, this one is great!
  • count out 5 colored paper clips for each rectangle place all in a snack sized baggie
To Play:
  • place the colored rectangles in front of your LO
  • now place the colored paper clips in front of them too
  • have them sort them into colored piles
  • now have the pick a rectangle and match the paper clips to it
  • have them slide the paper clips on till all are on. now they can move on to the next color

This is a great game for restaurants, mass, church, doctors office or anyplace you need them to be busy but not loud at the same time! They love it and it helps pass the time for them. My LO is currently 35 mos.

This Simply Made post was written by Shannon, you can visit her blog, Teaching Tinytots. Thanks Shannon for sharing your great idea!


Unknown said...

You can get that laminater at WalMart for 25 dollars. I have it and it works great :)

Carisa said...

Thanks for sharing about the laminator at Walmart! I got mine at Costco but have never seen it at a store since. I love that thing!
:) Carisa

Anonymous said...

aldi's has one right now for 20 bucks and it comes with 30 laminate sheets

emegren said...

Here is my version of the paperclip color matching!

Momrempel said...

Awesome!!!! I am now following your blog, you have some wonderful ideas!!!!