Thursday, February 12, 2009

Simply Made ~ Lacing Tools

My son, Sam is 30 months old. A while back, I looked up Tennessee's Teaching and Learning Curriculum for Early Education. It says at 2.5-3, a child should be able to string large beads on a shoelace. Of course, this is a fine motor skill, but we had never done it.

Therefore, I bought a pack of beads at Hobby Lobby. I also bought some cheap string at Wal-mart and tied one end, and burned the other (to hold it together nicely).
He loved doing this. When we were through, we worked on sorting the beads by color in a muffin pan, then we sorted them by size. Sorting by color was very easy for him, but we came to sorting by size, he started to complain that he was hungry. I also have introduced him to lacing, but he hasn't been to keen on the idea. He does it "his way".

I bought some cheap foam... and cut the shapes myself.

This Simply Made post was written by Jessica, you can visit her personal blog, Jessica Leigh Photography. Thanks Jessica for sharing your great idea of a simple home-made learning tool!

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Unknown said...

I really like the foam lacing idea. My daughter really enjoys lacing. Thanks for sharing.

LadySnow said...

I have gotten my own string and beads a few months ago, but I never thought about purchasing foam and punching out my own shapes. That is a great idea!

Unknown said...

Great ideas! Thanks again Carisa!


PS I'll email you later today!

Becca said...

ah! like the idea for the foam :)

The Runyans said...

thanks guys! it was SO much cheaper to do it this way!

Unknown said...

Fanastic idea! But how do you do those shapes? I'm no artist! I need a template or something. Will you please help? Thank you!

The Runyans said...

i did it all by hand. i just googled "dinosaur clipart", and while looking at the computer, i cut it out of the foam.

sorry i can't be of more help. if there is something you are wanting to find. . .google it and clipart, then click image(s).

you will be amazed what will come up!

Rochelle said...

These are great! Did you use a regular size hole punch? Your holes look smaller...thanks for the great idea!

Frizz said...

I made lacing cards by glueing coloring sheets to cereal boxes. It was fun and easy. When they get messed up throw them away and make more.


Alisha D said...

What size hole punch did you use??

Donna Cole said...

In the pass I have used old or new place mats , for lacing You know cut your shape punch holes lace . you can find them pretty cheap in thrift stores in lots of colors. Donna C.

Donna Cole said...

kids coloring books are also great for patterns