Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Changes for Totally Tots...

The masses have spoken and honestly your thoughts lined up with ours too so we will definitely be saying farewell to a few features here at Totally Tots...

Giggle Time, Meet, Did You Know, and Celebrating Your Tot.

These have been fun features but 3 of the 4 take a ton of time to do, and we feel the blog serves our readers best as a whole by putting our efforts into different areas. Thank you to all of you who submitted for these features and a great apology for those of you who had tots in for Meet that didn't get featured.

We have some new writers and some new features coming soon, with a complete reorganization going on behind the scenes! Our goal is to begin the new posting schedule in January, using December as a transition month. We will be gradually introducing you to new writers and features so stay tuned! I hope you enjoy the changes as they appear. December will be a month of blog under construction for us so please pardon our mess if you happen to pop in at a time we are moving things around!

**We will leave the archived posts up, but will be taking down our Meet featured buttons eventually as we reorganize. We will also be removing the header buttons from the right sidebar. You will always be able to locate old posts under the archives or labeled posts!


k-e-household said...

I hope the Now I know my ABC's will stay up! Those pages are so awesome!

Carisa said...

OH yes, that feature is FOR sure staying!

Also definitely staying:

Once Upon a Book
Crafty Corner
Simply Made
Get Real w God
In My Heart
Treats 4 Your Tot
Terrific Tot Sites

and we have new features coming!!!

We are really excited and hope everyone will love them as much as we do!

;-) Carisa

Anonymous said...

Love Terrific Tot Sites! Looking forward to new things to come in 2010!

Goat Gal said...

Oh This is so exciting! I am really looking forward to seeing what new things you have in store for us!