Friday, November 20, 2009

Terrific Tot Sites ~ Tot School Highlights

Every Sunday Carisa hosts a feature on her other blog called Tot School. If you are one who doesn't know that, you can go here to read more about it! She has over 60 moms joining up weekly, so there are plenty of wonderful resources and ideas to find. This week I'd like to introduce you to Jane, the mom of Esme @ Mozi Esme.

Esme’s mom writes the blog from Esme’s perspective as a two year old, and loves to share the alphabet activities that they do weekly. She always provides a bunch of fun ideas and links to the things that they do together. Here are a few fun ones…

Esme got to see how much she had grown since the time she was born. Her mom cut two pieces of yarn, one showing how long she was when she was born and the other showing how tall she is now, so that they could compare the two pieces.

Growing Up

Esme even got to help out ‘building’ her own schoolhouse…


When they talked about feelings, Esme had fun putting together face puzzles of different feelings that her mom made out of paper plates.

feeling faces

Some fun little froggies to celebrate the letter ‘F’…

frog puppet

…and making gumdrop counting and toothpick sculptures when talking about the letter ‘G’. Yummy!


Be sure to stop by and visit Jane and Esme and say hi! Hope you enjoy this Terrific Tot Site! To see more featured sites, click here!

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