Friday, November 27, 2009

Terrific Tot Sites ~ Little Fingers

Little Fingers is a website that develops software for children PreK up to 5th grade. While the company has a lot of software that you can purchase, they also have some fun games that you can play for free online.

little fingers

** Note: Adobe Shockwave required to run online games. **

There are some cute games that are ‘samples’ or one from a series of games that Little Fingers offers. I played around in the Hat Shop first. You are shown some hats and then given a few other hats and asked to put them in the display. “Put the red hat under the purple hat, etc…” It’s a great game to help learn different directional words {above, below, left, right, and next to}.

hat shop

Another fun game is the colors game. Children listen for the color word and then look for the fish that is that color to swim across the screen. When they see the right fish, they have to click on it and then are asked to find another fish.

There are several other games on the site that you might have fun playing with, so hop over and check it out. If your little one enjoys the games, you might be interested in the Game Parlor that you can download to use without needing an internet connection {$19.99}.

Little fingers game parlor

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