Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SImply Made ~ Homemade Geoboard

I thought I would share the geoboard that I made for my kiddos. It is a great tool to use to work on fine motor skills with my 2 year old tots but it also provides great shape and patterning review for my 4 year old tots. Even my 6 year old likes to play with it!

The geoboard is fairly easy to make. All you need is:

- a wooden board (I got mine from Michaels & it is sanded with beveled edges for about $2)
- black spray paint
- hairbows (I got mine from the Dollar Store)
- lots of push pins (also from Dollar Store)
- graph paper
- pen/pencil
- hammer

For complete instructions, you can see my geoboard post.


Unknown said...

Geoboards are so much fun! This will last so much longer than the plastic version.

Mozi Esme said...

I think I've got all this stuff already! It's on my list to do now...

cooperkelly4 said...

I love this idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Momrempel said...

This is awesome....head over to my blog to accept an award!

Jamie said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Larabelle said...

Fantastic! I've never seen one of those, and probably have all the things I need already. Thank you for sharing.