Sunday, August 15, 2010

From Tots to Teens ~ I Am a Mom


I am a Mom,
Yes that’s a fact!
Nine children call me “Mom”,
Each day a thousand times.
They rise early,
Thirsty and hungry – with smiles on their face.
Laundry piles fill our mud-room,
Dirty hands and faces, clothes and messes everywhere that I look.
Three meals and snacks for 11 each day,
a skill that took much practice to get it right.
They still ask for more morning and night!
A big praise has come - Potty training is done,
No more wipes, diapers or smells that are no fun.
Seven and a half years of that was more than enough,
and I praise God the training was not too rough!
One week for two toddlers is all it took!

I am a teacher,
Yes, that’s a fact too.
Six eager students,
who want to learn how to draw closer to You!
They love history, math and science facts,
I talk very silly during lessons and make them laugh.
They love reading and spelling and grammar too,
So much to teach and things to do!
We will visit neat places and take field trips galore,
Leaving their minds and hearts asking for more.
I will work on their hearts more than anything,
Because learning to love like Jesus is true wisdom and makes God’s heart sing.

I am a wife,
Yes a fact that I love!
To a man who loves God and our family more than anything!
I learn from his wisdom and listen more than I speak,
He is always strong when I become weak!
I praise God for his discernment,
and how it keeps us under God’s wing.
His love for our family,
Makes my heart sing!

I am a Mom,
the toughest job in the world!
A calling so great,
my skills mean nothing it is all about God’s grace!
I hear all the time, “How do you do it all?”
Let me assure you of this, it is not me that does one thing,
what you see is my trusting Him for everything!
I would not be able or even desire to parent this many without His love, mercy and grace!
my God, my King, my Lord, my Comforter, my Strength – you are the ROCK of my life,
the Shield of my heart and the Protection I need as I focus on winning the race.

A mom, teacher, wife I might be –
but becoming Your child is what set me free!
Your love is what makes each calling my greatest joy,
and when I feel like I can’t go on another day, I sit still and remember to reread Your story!
One filled with promises, love that never ends and victory over it all from beginning to end!
I pray to be used to give life to our home,
filled with songs of praise and joy in our hearts.

God help me to keep my eyes on You -
not what I can do – but what You have already done!
God help me to lay my life down at Your feet,
and live each day powered by Your love.
God help me to see our children through Your eyes,
to not miss a moment and to cherish these years.
God help me to train them in the way they show go,
not because of what I said, but what I have done.
God help me to create a home filled with Your joy,
where mercy reigns, grace overflows and love never ends.
Thank You God for hearing my prayers,
and answering them right on time – with a yes, maybe and often times no.
Father, thank You for calling me friend,
help me to live like Your!
I am a Mom…


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Carrie said...

I LOVE this poem - I always look forward to hearing from you, because I always need to be reminded that it is NONE of me and ALL of Him! I want to have a large family, but I struggle sometimes now, and I only have two children now! But I haven't 'had' to depend on God until the last few months, do you know what I mean? I felt like I could, to an extent, do parenting one child by myself, and now I find myself constantly pulled in two directions, and I really NEED to depend on Him, and when I don't, I struggle. Anyway, now that I've written my life story, I just really appreciated your poem - and I always appreciate your viewpoints and your posts! Thank you for sharing!