Monday, December 27, 2010

Introducing ~ Tara

image I am a Christian work-at-home-mommy to my awesome preschooler! We have begun some informal homeschooling while also working on his speech therapy. “Little Man” is a curious, cautious-yet-sometimes-adventurous, goofy guy and I adore him!

I became a certified Christian Life Coach in 2008 and have focused on being a Mommy Mentor to other Christian moms as we walk on this parenting path together! This has naturally branched into what I love best – writing! I’ve written two e-books focused on helping Christian moms: “Raising Godly Children: What Every Christian Mom Should Know” and my newest one that is free on my website “Moms on a Mission”.

My newest venture is Mommy Missions, an online project designed to equip Christian moms of kids ages 10 and under with tools and resources to teach their children about God, the Bible and the Great Commission in simple and fun ways! My passion is to instill heart knowledge of God and the Bible into children and trust God to nurture the seeds and reap the harvest!

I am humbly privileged to help you teach your little ones about reaching outside of our own little world to reach others with Christ’s love and Good News in the Totally Tots feature Tots on a Mission.

You can check out more of my writing and teachings on my blog as well as iBloom, Heart of the Matter, Seeds of Faith, Cindy Rushton’s Time for Tea, the Ultimate Women’s Expo and the Ultimate Homeschool Expo. Please feel free to email me with feedback or suggestions at


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Welcome! Looking forward to the posts.