Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SImply Made ~ Links

Links are a great manipulative that can be used to create all kinds of simple learning activities for you little(s)!


Not only do the links provide fine motor skills for little hands, but they can be used in so many more ways to enhance learning opportunities and incorporate a more hands-on approach to learning!

Work on matching skills. You can use just about any printable and create duplicate copies for your little one to match up. Simply print, laminate, cut, hole punch, and let your little one get to work matching! The printables below are from the Farm Tot Book on 1+1+1=1.

album 2.22.10 015

album 2.22.10 014

Practice linking capital and lower case letters of the alphabet together!

album 2.22.10 062

Or, you could work on linking the letters in ABC order!

album 2.22.10 031

Another fun idea is to use numbered printables and link up the appropriate number of links for each! The printables below are from the Brown Bear, Brown Bear Tot Pack on 1+1+1=1.

album 3.26.10 008

Check out some other great printables that could be used with your links:

~ From 1+1+1=1: Tot Books & Tot Packs, Preschool Packs & Printables, Raising Rockstars Preschool Curriculum

~ From Confessions of a Homeschooler: Letter of the Week Curriculum

~ From Homeschool Creations: Preschool Printables


Sophie said...

That is a fantastic idea! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Off to spend up now!

Sara said...

Thanks for reminding me! I used this in my kindergarten class, but have yet to pull them out with Jonah. He'll be so excited for a new thing!

Madonna said...

I love this idea, Jenn!

A Learning Journey said...

We LOVE these colorful links! Alyssa would NOT touch them at first because they frustrated her, but after repeated introductions and free exploration she liked them. My daughter loves sorting them by color and creating patterns with them. These links are also GREAT for go togethers, rhyming words/pics, antonyms, opposites, ordinal numbers and my favorite ... is story sequencing (pictures). We have also used them for measurement activities!
Thank you, Tracey

Jolanthe said...

LOVE this!!!

Madonna said..., love, love this idea! Plus, I just thought of another way to use your links...sequencing events or creating a timeline! You've totally inspired me!

Anonymous said...

I am with Jolanthe!! Love this! Now just need to get some :-)

Stephanie said...

I have been wanting to order these for a while and these cute ideas gave me the incentive to go ahead! I hope it gives you the amazon credit :) Thanks for sharing!

Kkay8961 said...

I did the alphabet matching big & little leters, and the kids loved linking them! Thanks

Maria said...

what a great idea. Thanks so much for your creativity and desire to share with fellow educators!

bckelsch9 said...

Are the letters that are used with the links on this page available for download somewhere? Please email me at bckelsch9 at yahoo dot com. Thanks so much!

Jolanthe said...

Yes, I was able to find the file that I used. It is from PreKinders: