Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Now I Know My ABC’s ~ A is for Angel

It's time for some fun alphabet crafts!! We hope you enjoy these! If you are new, you can visit our ABC webpage to find links to any other letters we have done, letters (with books listed) coming up, as well as all the fun crafty letters we have been working on. Be sure to check it out!


Christmas Angels by Gwen Ellis

Summary: Beautiful pop up book that not only shows the nativity scene, but talks about the angels that shared the message of Christ’s birth.


What You’ll Need:

  • white and yellow foam sheets
  • white feathers
  • yellow or gold pipe cleaner
  • white felt
  • pen/pencil
  • scissors
  • tape or glue dots

How to Make the ‘A’ for Angel:


  1. Cut an uppercase 'A' out of the white foam sheet. I used a foam sheet that was about 4" x 5" in size.
  2. Cut wings out for your angel.
  3. Cut a circle out for your angel’s face.
  4. Make a ‘gown’ for your angel from the white felt {optional}.
  5. Glue/tape the wings to the back of your capital A.
  6. Add your angel’s face to the top of the A.
  7. Glue feathers to the angel’s wings.
  8. Draw a face on your angel.
  9. Add the gown for your angel by gluing on the back of the letter A.


1 comment:

Jackie Higgins said...

I love this! I've seen where people do the letters or different Christmas activities- A for Angel, B for Baby, etc. But I've never seen an angel made out of the letter A! that is so creative!