Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Books for Little Cooks ~ The Little Dump Truck

Little Books for Little Cooks

Dump Truck Brownies


Eating dirt may be yummier than you think…especially if it is really a brownie…and you are eating it from a toy dump truck!

The Book Before You Cook…


The Little Dump Truck

by Margery Cuyler

Summary: This is a fun, rhythmic book for your little truck lover! Follow Hard Hat Pete’s day as he and his dump truck are ready for action, hauling stones and rocks.

When It’s Time to Cook…

You’ll need:

  • brownie mix (or the ingredients to make your own)
  • a clean dump truck toy

To Make:

  1. Prepare the brownies and bake according to the directions provided with the mix.
  2. Allow the brownies to cool.
  3. Cut the brownies into small squares or break them up into chunks.
  4. Add the brownie squares/chunks into the bed of the dump truck and enjoy!

Little Books for Little Cooks is a monthly feature that focuses on creating some edible fun with your little one.   We will share a fun book to read with your little one along with a cooking activity to do that ties in with the featured book. Sometimes there may be actual cooking involved…and sometimes just fun!


Jdaniel4smom said...

This looks like yummy fun!

Deborah said...

This is super cute - I thought you were going to mix the brownie mix in the back of the truck then dump it in the pan :) LOL

angee said...

How fun are these?! :)