Monday, April 11, 2011

Touch, Feel, Learn ~ Bug Safari

touch feel learn

It’s time to explore the world around us and head outside for a bug safari {and a lesson on ~ ask before you pick up any insects}. 

IMG_5103 You’ll Need:

  • a sense of adventure ~ after all you are picking up rocks and never know what you will find
  • magnifying glass ~ so you can get a good look at those beautiful bugs
  • container ~ to put your new friends in (for a short time) to observe them

Aiden LOVES bugs, he has absolutely no fear about picking up any bug, so before we headed out on our bug safari we had a discussion about the importance of not picking up bugs unless mommy said it was ok.  We didn’t want to hurt any of our bug friends and I wanted Aiden to learn that some insects might pinch or bite him if they are scared.

We grabbed our magnifying glass and container and headed outside to look under rocks, old pieces of wood, and containers.


We discovered centipedes and millipedes




nasty looking grubs in my garden ~ yuck!


A slug and some sort of cocoon


a red spider, which we learned is slightly venomous (so glad we talked about not picking up the insects)


They were screams of joy when we found a salamander.


We found two different salamanders and I let Aiden hold them, then we put them back.


Aiden is currently observing some worms and roly poly bugs, which are proudly housed in a jar on our kitchen counter.

Touch, Feel, Learn is a fun feature that focuses on science and nature activities for little ones.  Click here to see past Touch, Feel, Learn ideas.


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Maureen said...

Great photos! It's been so cold here that most our critters aren't out yet. But last night I did get bit by a mosquito---go figure!