Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Hands-On abc's and 123's - Hidden ABCs

little handson Abc 123

I am often faced with the challenge of finding new ways of reviewing with Bear.  She seems to get bored quickly of things; yet, she still needs the reinforcement.  Changing things up a bit always seems to work.  Here are two ways to keep things new.

1. Hide it in a sensory bin. In the photo above, Bear looks for the letters to spell her name.

Sometimes it’s letters to spell other words.

If your child isn’t ready for spelling, you can have them match instead: put one set of letters on the table and hide the other set and turn it into a matching game.  As the child pulls out the letter, have them match it to the letters on the table.

2. Play “Go get” –

Set up 4 or 5 of letters on a table or chair a few feet away from where you and your child are sitting or standing. Ask your child to run as fast as he can to “go get” the letter A (or the sound “a”).  You can also have them crawl, skip, hop, etc.  This incorporates physical activity and makes review a fun game. 

(At the time that my daughter outgrew her knobbed puzzles, I used both of these extensions to stretch the life of those poor knobbed puzzles a bit.  It really worked wonders.  You can also replace the letters with numbers.)

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CanCan said...

That is a great idea! I teach 3K preschool and this would be fun to do with our ignored magnet letters. What do you have in the sensory bin, is that rice? I have some kids that need to work on their fine motor but shun cutting and painting.

Thegirlwhopaintedtrees said...

Yes, it is rice in that sensory bin. But it could work with other things like dried beans or lentils.