Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Little Hands-On abc's and 123's - Alphabet Stamps

little handson Abc 123

Alphabet stamps are a great way to promote letter awareness.  I love how Carisa uses them with Ladybug during their tot school time.

What if you don't have alphabet stamps? Use foam letters from Walmart or the dollar store!

Dip the letter into a stamp pad to turn the foam letter into a stamp.

These "stamps" are great for adding to a letter-of-the-week curriculum, as well as for spelling sight words and other spelling words.  They can also be used to create alphabet books - the child stamps the letter and then glues pictures or stickers of objects that start with that letter.

We used them for Bear to practice spelling her name (in the photo, the word Bears is actually covering up her real name that she had already stamped out).
The photo shows my Montessori inspired set up.  On the shelf, the tray holds the letters, paper, stamp pad and wet sponge on a lid.  The child takes the tray from the shelf to a table and puts the tray to the left, the paper and stamp pad in the middle, and the sponge to the right. After choosing a letter and stamping it, the child wipes the letter off on the sponge and returns it to the tray.

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Scottmangano said...

Great idea! Thanks so much.

Alisha said...

excellent idea! I actually have some of these foam letters! Definitely going to use this! =)