Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now I Know My ABC’s ~ Kk is for Kisses


Summary: A tired,little child lovingly receives kisses from her family members in a good-night game. Kisses are planted on her head all the way to her tiny toes.
Supplement book: Kiss Goodnight by Amy Hest.
ABC Letter Box

For our Letter Kk week, we pulled out our ABC letter box. I hid various letters and letter Kk objects in the box while the girls searched to find them. They also had fun using funnels to fill up cups with the mini-letter fill.
ABC Letter Activities
I got this salt box tray idea from The Adventures of Bear. We used our Kumon alphabet cards. My daughter practiced drawing the letter in the salt. She also placed the card in the salt and buried it. Then she used her finger to find the letter K on the card.
We also traced and colored our letter Kk page and read the poem.
ABC Theme Activities
My 12 year old daughter made jumbo paper dolls of both my 2yr. old and my 4yr. old. We used these for our “Kisses” game.
Using body part cards from Education Cubes, one player rolls the die. Whatever body part lands face up gets kissed. I glued a pair of lips onto a square piece of cardstock. My daughter had to place it on the correct spot on her paper doll. You could add a second die with number inserts. One player would roll both dice and then place that many counters on the correct body part.
I’ve made a print-out that can be used several different ways. Print and cut to use as game pieces for the game above. Another option is to cut the squares and create patterns with your child. Start with a simple pattern, red, pink, red, pink, and have your child finish the pattern with the correct cards. A third way is to print as-is and use as a grid-game.
One activity that I didn’t get around to doing was “Blow a Kiss” game. Get a couple of ping-pong balls. You can either kiss the ping pong ball with lipstick or glue one of the lip cut-outs from above. Place the ping pong ball on a table and have your child blow the ball across the table. You can also place a cup on its side and have your child try to blow the ping pong ball into the cup. This is a fun game that also helps work some of the mouth muscles needed for good speech.
You can find this download under Letter K activities.
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