Monday, May 2, 2011

Tots on a Mission to…Romania!


Let’s get our passports and hop on a plane to Romania!


The Setting

Romania is a mountainous country located in southeastern Europe along the Black Sea. Romania’s climate has been compared to Washington, DC in that it is cold and snowy with lots of fog in the winter and sunny with occasional storms in the summer.


Family Life

It isn’t uncommon for more than two generations to live in the same house. For instance, you might find grandparents, moms & dads and children living together. Romanian children are very much like American children in that they go to school, play with friends, read books, play on the computer, watch TV, spend time with family and do homework.

Children from poor families often lack the proper clothing or shoes to safely walk to school during bitter winters. Families live in simple brick and mud houses, and may move into a single room during the winters to conserve precious heat. Typical foods include potatoes, cabbage, onions, beans, grains, eggs, and cheese. But poverty makes it difficult for families to get enough nutrition.



Like America, there are many different religions practiced in Romania including Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, and Seventh-Day Adventists. The people of Romania have been free to practice their choice of religion since freed from communist rule in 1989.

Prayers for Romania

You can thank God for:

*the Christians from Romania and other countries who are showing Jesus' love and care to the thousands of destitute orphans and street children and to the homeless, sick and elderly

*all of the Romanians who are learning to follow Jesus

You can ask God:

*to give wisdom to church leaders in Romania as they teach the Bible and reach out to those who have no hope

*to help Christians in Romania learn to forgive, love and trust one another after the many years of persecution

*to give the government leaders wisdom as they rule the country, so that everyone in need will receive help

*to show people from other countries working with churches in Romania the best ways to help them grow and glorify God

Get Involved!

Find out more about:


Sponsor a child with World Vision

The HIV crisis among children in Romania

We’ve put together a printable about Romania for you all to use with your little ones as you pray for the country. Color in the flag, see where the country is located, and spell out the name of the country too. Keep it handy because it also has the things to thank God for about the country as well as prayer reminders.

Tots on a Mission Romania

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Hope you enjoyed our short trip to Romania!


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Savannah said...

Thanks for this post! I went on my first missions trip abroad to Romania when I was 16 and the country and people have had a special place in my heart ever since