Thursday, June 9, 2011

Once Upon a Book ~ Turtle Splash



Turtle Splash

by Cathryn Falwell

Summary: Enjoy a countdown at the pond as the ten turtles splash into the water one by one to settle in for the night!

Bible Verse: Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him Psalm 37:7a NASB

Literacy: We identified “t” for turtle and used the Turtle Magnet page from COAH along with our puff ball magnets!


Sorting: The boys had fun with the Turtle Size Sort from COAH!


Pattern Blocks: We used our Pattern Blocks along with the turtle pattern from PreKinders.


Game: The boys LOVED using the Turtle Grid Game along with our Education Cubes. We used the turtle counting insert cards in our cubes. They rolled the cube, counted the turtles on the cube and then covered the same number of turtles on their grid using their puff ball magnets. This is a fun way to work on counting and 1 to 1 correspondence!


Math: We made a few bottle top turtle stamps and created our own number cards! The boys rolled the Education Cubes, counted the turtles and then stamped the corresponding number of turtles. I labeled each of the cards with the correct number to complete our number cards.


Fine Motor: Then I punched holes in the turtle number cards we created and the boys added the appropriate number of links to each of the cards.


Patterning: The boys enjoyed stamping so much that I created a few stamped pattern cards for them to complete using two different shades of green ink.


Art: The boys loved coloring their Turtle Dot Puzzle. They colored each of the shapes with a dot in it to reveal the “hidden” turtle!


Craft: Create a fun bottle top turtle to play with!


Song/Finger Play: My Little Turtle (from Preschool Express)

This is my little turtle. (Make fist)
He lives alone in a shell.
He likes his little home.
He thinks it's really swell.

He pokes out his head (Poke out thumb)
When he wants to eat.
Then he pulls it back in. (Hide thumb in fist)
When he wants to sleep.

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Patricia said...

I LOVE your blog and blabbed it today... it's gonna take me a week to get acquainted with all of your work ;o)

Carisa said...

Thank you!

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Great ideas, thanks.